This Package can only support 1 external devices


  • SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP Communication, Voice call function(option)
  • Real-time tracking (Internal Time and distance calculate)
  • Remote Configuration
  • Intelligent Power Management.(4 Mode)
  • Remote control door open/close, fuel and power cut off.
  • 64 Geo-fencing report
  • Up to 1 month’s history data log storage.
  • 10 times voice communication history record.
  • channel input (include 6 channel logistic input which is user-defined, 1 pulse counter input), 6 channel output(include 4 channel logistic output which is user-defined)
  • Programmable Intelligent AD input.
  • User-defined 3X16 byte saving memory for recording installation information.
  • User-defined upload time for intelligent management of data flow.
  • Anti-explosion function.
  • Mileage statistics
  • Telephone authorization function.
  • Real time monitor the change of input signal.
  • Support backup IP and com port.
Enter Geo-fencing Out Geo-fencing Over time parking Fatigue driving Over speed SOS Backup battery
Fuel level Tow Sharking; In focus location Out focus location GPRS modem restart Illegal ignition