OBD Intelligent

OBD Smart(ST-212G) is an onboard diagnotic device that is designed to monitor vehicle emissions and diagnose various types of vehicle data. By integrating a GSM module and G-mouse, data can be transmitted to remote servers for storage and analysis. Additionally, real time tracking and positioning function are supported as well.


  • Compact design, plug and play;
  • On-board audio alarm for fault notification;
  • Built-in memory, 300 hours data storage on-board and unlimited data storage space on remote server;
  • Built-in 3 axes acceleration G-Sensor module for illegal towing alarm ;
  • Compatible with all cars that support OBD II standard protocol;
  • Support user application updating by both wireless network and COM port.;
  • Built in GSM module and GPS module for real time monitoring and remote data transmission;
  • Information can be remote transmitted to the cell phone via GPRS;
  • Automatic enter into power saving state after ignition off, automatic wake up when ignition on.


  • RECORDER function-DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Codes)scanner
  • Anti-theft
  • Driving behavior analysis-safety driving analysis and economy driving behavior analysis
  • GAUGE vehicle meter recording function
  • Remote monitoring of vehicle emissions


    *The above features require optional accessories!